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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Our Dream Come True !

In our life no one who’s doesn’t have a better life right?? We always want the best for our life. So as a human we always try to do something that can be better than before, we tried many ways until we achieved something target. I just want to have the better life. So I hope when I’m married I want to be the best for him, I want to be a wife “solehah”, I want to be a wife who is always care at my husband, always faith and listen what he ask and always want to love him until death. You know what, I’m too stubborn till I’m children and now I’m teenager. I’m afraid if I can’t be a good wife to him. But I’m always pray and doa tawakal to ask god please soften my heart for being obedient when I’m be a wife for my husband. I’m very hope that my husband can teach me slowly and guide me towards Jannah together. After that, we have a one happy family. Masyaallah, i do know how amazing feeling at that time. It is one of my dreams when I have my own family. Actually it is just not my only dreaming but all the people want this dreaming and achieved it successfully.

Dear Mohd Norizuan Zainal, my future husband… Please stay with me till we go towards Jannah together yaaa… Hope we can be the best husband and wife. Insyaallah J J J

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